DDTAL candidates now have the chance to access Professional Career Development Loans to help with funding towards the DDTAL course fees. These are bank loans that offer adult learners between £300 and £10,000 at a fixed interest rate with the interest only becoming payable when the student ceases to study. 
While all loans are subject to the discretion of the banks that award them there appears to be no reason why DDTAL candidates should not apply for this sort of loans. Trinity College have contacted Directgov (the website that provides basic information about public services) and hope to publicise information about the DDTALs and access to this line of funding via the Directgov website in the near future.
Professional Career Development Loans are paid directly to the course provider and candidates can only apply for a loan if the course provider is registered with the Young People’s Learning Agency. Further information about how to register can be found at 
Please note that Course Providers cannot register until there are candidates wanting to take out the loan.  This process can be lengthy and so may take some time in order to complete.